To reflect its activities in the field of statistics, Latvijas Banka published Latvijas Banka's annual statistical programme and medium-term statistical work programme for the period of three years also in 2021. The above programmes provide transparent information on statistical activities planned by Latvijas Banka both with regard to the most important new tasks and the types of statistical data Latvijas Banka compiles and publishes. The Statistical Programme of Latvijas Banka for 2021 was implemented, except for two tasks. The ESCB's costs survey on changes in the requirements of investment fund statistics was postponed to 2022, but the publication of minimum reserves data in Latvijas Banka's internet statistical database INTS was replaced by the publication of the weekly data on card-based payment transactions, given the importance of these statistics in the economic analysis.

To provide a wide range of data users with timely information, Latvijas Banka not only continued regular compilation and transmission of statistical data to direct data users, but also disseminated the compiled statistical data via its regular publications and website, including the internet statistical database INTS, and compiled data for publishing in the ECB publications and the ECB Statistical Data Warehouse, as well as in IMF publications and within the framework of the IMF Special Data Dissemination Standard (SDDS Plus). Latvijas Banka continued to perform the tasks of the coordinating institution in Latvia within the framework of SDDS Plus.

In 2021, Latvijas Banka improved the opportunities for data providers, upon submission of statistical data, to authenticate their identity in the Non-bank Statistics System (eSTAT system), using any of the authentication tools offered by the State Regional Development Agency – eID card, eParaksts, eParaksts mobile – or the means of authentication offered by credit institutions.

The main data sources, types of statistics and the main direct users