Latvijas Banka performed day-to-day oversight of the EKS and Worldline Latvia CSM (it ceased operation on 1 November 2021), analysing the system's technical and operational functions, compiling its statistical data and making sure that the interbank payment environment in Latvia is secure and efficient.

The assessment of compliance of the EKS with the cyber resilience oversight expectations (CROE) has been conducted, concluding that the EKS complies not only with all minimum expectations, but also with a major part of the expectations laid down for systemically important payment systems.

When performing the oversight of development of the payment instruments used in Latvia, Latvijas Banka regularly (on a semi-annual basis) compiled and analysed data on customer payments made in Latvia. Payment data are compiled in compliance with a uniform ECB statistical methodology. To implement the new requirements laid down in the ECB Regulation, Latvijas Banka's Regulation No. 195 allowing for obtaining the payment statistics data in a more detailed breakdown as of 2022 was adopted.