In 2021, the operation of the Credit Register was improved by ensuring:

  • access to the Credit Register data by sworn notaries, custody courts and sworn bailiffs;
  • more convenient access to the Credit Register data by the public with a possibility to use a credit institution's internet banking service for the authentication on the website for electronic servicing (https://manidati.;
  • new data for the performance of financial stability tasks and the analysis of sustainability (cadastre number and the customer's principal amount due in next 12 months) and adding the data upon expiration of the Covid-19-related support measures.

In 2021, Latvijas Banka continued to maintain and develop the Credit Register by collecting and storing in the Credit Register data on 4.3 million obligations pertaining to 1.19 million borrowers and borrowers' guarantors from its 92 participants (with the actual outstanding amount of the obligations amounting to 20.47 billion euro and the off-balance sheet amount of the obligations amounting to 4.4 billion euro).

By using the Credit Register data, in 2021 Latvijas Banka continued to report the Credit Register data to AnaCredit on a monthly and quarterly basis in accordance with the requirements of the Regulation (EU) 2016/867 of the European Central Bank of 18 May 2016 on the collection of granular credit and credit risk data (ECB/2016/13). AnaCredit brings together the data provided by the euro area central banks on loans granted to legal persons into a single system with the aim to improve the availability of detailed lending information for statistical needs, monetary policy analysis and decision-making as well as the financial stability analysis and risk assessment. Data on 14.4 thousand loans (on average) granted to legal entities and credit exposures between the credit institutions and the central bank with the total actual outstanding amount of the obligations (on average) amounting to 15.4 billion euro were reported to AnaCredit on a monthly basis (see also Chart 1).

Chart 1
Credit Register data and credit risk data (actual outstanding amount of the obligations; billion euro at the end of the year)


Latvijas Banka provided the possibility to any person to receive the Credit Register data pertaining to them free of charge (see Chart 2), continuing to improve the website for electronic servicing ( (access is granted by using internet bank authentication tools offered by credit institutions and the possibility for authorised persons holding an electronically signed power of attorney to receive data has been ensured). The procedure for receiving data by post in Latvia has been simplified.

Chart 2
Dynamics of provision of the Credit Register data (volume)


The Credit Register participants submitted 13 million requests (see Chart 3) to the Credit Register to use the Credit Register data for the purpose of assessing the creditworthiness of their current or potential borrowers and borrowers' guarantors.

Chart 3
Requests made by participants (volume; millions)