Latvijas Banka ensures the operation of the Credit Register, accumulating data on loans and guarantees provided to natural and legal persons. The Credit Register provides information necessary for Latvijas Banka’s tasks, including the ESCB tasks, as well as additional opportunities for public institutions to receive information within the framework of the tasks stipulated by laws and regulations.

In 2022, Latvijas Banka improved the use of information from the Credit Register. Cooperation with the State Revenue Service was expanded, ensuring the receipt of corporate annual report data in a more convenient way, as well as starting the receipt of income data of natural persons. Merging of data included in the Credit Register and the data of the State Revenue Service made it possible to compile the data necessary for the performance of financial stability tasks in connection with the analysis of the risks of financial vulnerability of borrowers.

At the end of 2022, the Credit Register stored data on 4.7 million obligations pertaining to 1.19 million borrowers and borrowers’ guarantors from its 85 participants with the actual outstanding amount of the obligations amounting to 21.58 billion euro and the off-balance sheet amount of the obligations amounting to 4.46 billion euro.

In 2022, Latvijas Banka continued to report the Credit Register data to AnaCredit in accordance with the requirements of Regulation (EU) 2016/867 of the European Central Bank of 18 May 2016 on the collection of granular credit and credit risk data (ECB/2016/13). Data on 16.61 thousand loans (on average) granted by credit institutions to legal entities and credit exposures between the credit institutions with the total actual outstanding amount of the obligations (on average) amounting to 16.47 billion euro were reported to AnaCredit on a monthly basis.

Chart 1. Credit Register data and credit risk data



Latvijas Banka provided any person with the opportunity to receive information about himself/herself included in the Credit Register, including on the electronic service website

Chart 2. Dynamics of provision of the Credit Register data
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