In 2022, we celebrated the 100th anniversary of Latvijas Banka, assessing the past performance and defining future opportunities, tasks and challenges. The century-long experience has enabled Latvijas Banka to become an independent, competent and strong financial institution with a vision for sustainable national development.

The world is changing rapidly, but the main task of Latvijas Banka remains unchanged – to enhance stability, reliability and sustainability of the national financial system for the common public good. The integration of the FCMC and Latvijas Banka implemented in 2022 also helps to achieve this goal.

The combining of knowledge and skills of the staff of Latvijas Banka and the FCMC, as well as other resources, provides an opportunity to foster stability and development of the financial sector more efficiently.

The strategic development directions and organisational values of Latvijas Banka are formulated in the “road map” created jointly by employees of Latvijas Banka and the FCMC. This vision is based on the strengths of both organisations, as well as on determination to influence the financial processes that are important for the state and each member of society individually: in the conditions of today’s economic turbulence, to be a safe bridge over troubled waters – a guarantor of balanced and forward-looking monetary policy decisions, increased competitiveness of Latvia and improved financial literacy of its population.

The mission of Latvijas Banka is to work for the benefit of Latvia. The vision of Latvijas Banka is a sound financial system, a developed country and a prosperous nation.

Our values

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Directions of strategic development for 2023-2026

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